Sunday, December 11, 2016

Great Gifts for Pet Lovers

If you have a little furry child you will find yourself spending a lot of your time and money on making their lives happy, healthy and comfortable. It is estimated that we spend more than 60 billion dollars on our pets each year with dogs being the most expensive pet.

That is a lot of kibble, toys and pet beds to be sure. I think it is about time we reward the pet owner with some well deserved pampering. Here are some great ideas for the pet friendly people in your life, as well as perhaps some much needed personal pampering for yourself.

All the images you see here are from designs I have created, inspired by my own furry companions and in certain cases they posed for me.


As I am typing this, I have one of my little furry kids soundly snoozing on top of a pillow right next to me (and occasionally on top of me...). What could be more natural than having pillows with a kitty design on them:

Throw Pillow

Tabby Cat Throw Pillow
This cute little tabby cat throw pillow was inspired by the personality of a cat I currently have and the coloration of a cat I helped foster. His charming little face shows a sweet disposition and his handsome tabby looks match up perfectly with his green eyes. Just image how his sweet image will perk up a couch or bed. view at

Rectangular Pillow

You Can't See Us
Rectangular Pillow
This rectangular pillow shows a lovely example of what often happens in my house as soon as I wish to find my cats. They have a special way of blending into the background, or at least that is how they see it. It is definitely a case of 'if I can't see you, you can't see me' but I also am sure the true problem is that my tubby little kitties have no idea just how plush they really are. view at


When it is cold, a hot beverage can go a long way in warming us up and our favorite hot beverage is something we desire all year long.

Ceramic Coffee Mug

Yawning Dog
This yawning dog will connect with many people who need that first cup of caffeine laden beverage to get started in the morning. The art wraps around the mug offering three different views of a cute puppy's yawn. It is dishwasher and microwave safe and comes in an 11 oz and 15 oz size. view at

Travel Mug

Basic Border Collie
Travel Mug
When we are on the go we don't need to sacrifice that hot beverage, not when we have a travel mug. This one is double-walled and has a press-in suction lid. It holds 12 oz and can maintain your beverages temperature while keeping it safe from spilling. It is 6 inches tall and features a wrap around artwork of my lovely border collie. view at


When it comes to our pets we often wear our heart on our sleeve and now we can also wear our heart on our chest with a wonderful T-shirt. Short sleeve and long sleeve T-shirts are always a great gift idea.

Short Sleeve T-shirt

Horse on Parchment
This all over print T-shirt features a bold and simple design. The color of this shirt is the color of the buckskin mare Daisy I had as a child. It is sure to delight the horse lover on your gift list. view at

Long Sleeve T-shirt

Big Fish
Long Sleeve T
This bright and colorful big fish makes a splash on this long sleeve T-shirt. I like long sleeve Ts because they bridge the gap between the temperature extremes of fall and winter. This shirt comes in seven different colors. view at


Schnauzer Witness
Hoodies are great for staying warm without feeling encumbered with something like a thick jacket. The hood can keep out the wind and the rain as well as keep our ears warm. The schnauzer on this hoodie is the image of my beloved Dewey, long since departed over the rainbow bridge but still judging us all with his intense stare. It comes in 6 different colors and the image can be placed on the front or back. view at

Throw Blankets

When the wind is howling outside and the temperatures dropping there is nothing better than cuddling up under a throw blanket with your little furry loves.
Throw Blanket
This throw blanket features a school of brightly colored fish that will swim their way into your heart. It is available in three sizes and feature vividly colored artwork on one side. A very cozy fleece that is machine washable. view at

Tote Bags

I don't know how I would live without tote bags. Whether I am using them to bring home my groceries or sherpa-ing around my oodles of stuff I almost always have a tote bag over my shoulder.
Ounces of Pounces
Tote Bag
The image on Ounces of Pounces is one of my all time favorites because to me it captures my littlest cat Sandy as she pursues one of her favorite past times, stalking the insect life in our back yard. Her spirit is willing but that butterfly is in no danger. Her body is built for comfort, not the aerodynamics necessary to catch a winged creature. It is however great fun to watch her try. These tote bags are very sturdy and they come in three sizes. The artwork covers them front and back. view at


Peacock Tabby
This zippered pouch is just the thing for keeping organized. I use these pouches for everything from holding pens to phone accessories and organizing random things in my purse. The artwork wraps around the pouch and they have a black interior lining. They come in three different sizes. view at


I have wooden floors at home and although I like them, I also like having area rugs around to keep my feet warm in the winter.
Basic Cat
The furry children also love these rugs and they make a great pet mat. They are 100% woven polyester and are soft, durable and machine washable. They are available in three sizes. view at

Hopefully these ideas will help you with your gift giving. If you liked a particular image, keep in mind that each image shown can be placed on any of these items listed so if you like what you have seen on a pillow, you can have that image on a shirt or a rug, etc.

To view more of my designs check out my shops at Society 6 and Redbubble.