Monday, September 15, 2014

Cat Furniture

Even though it is still very warm, also known as too hot, I have been looking over the kitty condo situation in our house.  As detailed in my previous posts, kitty condo deluxe, we have spent a considerable amount of effort making our cats as comfortable as possible.

Being that our current four are outdoor denizens, the kitty condos get limited use in the summer months.  They do use them when its rainy, but otherwise they prefer to lounge about on the porch floor or on our cars.

Yet, all good summer fun will come to a close and it might be another cold winter, so I decided to check out their furniture to make sure it was ready for the upcoming season.  I also decided to check out what pre-made cat furniture was to be found and wow - there is a lot on the market.

Starting with the basics was this Flexrake 1 Story Kitty Condo which is small enough to fit practically anywhere but has some great things going for it.  From a cat perspective it has a very necessary 'den' where kitty can hide out while observing the world.  The top will also make a nice nap area and for the humans, the carpet covering will blend with most home furnishings.

However, if there are multiple cats, a single little kitty condo just won't do.  This attractive Feline Lotus Tower would be suitable for a number of cats and in my opinion is one of the best looking of its type.  These things usually are a carpet covered monstrosity, but this one has sleek styling while still serving the needs of the feline persuasion.

Speaking of sleek, I ran across this attractive scratching post. The Pet Fusion Cat Scratcher Lounge looks almost like an art object with its sleek lines.  I can totally see kitty using this thing too.  If you are like me, you are wondering just how long it will last, but according to the reviews it can withstand kitty assault for a long time.  It can also be turned over to a fresh side when side one has had too much love.  Its scratchy part is dense corrugated cardboard which means it will not last forever and one reviewer did reveal that after about a month it loses some of its sleek lines.

Now if you are looking for something useful to both humans and cats then this ABC Cat Ottoman would suit both species.  It has a nice bottom chamber so kitty can hang out while their human can rest their feet against the top part.  This will work well for those who like to diminish the 'catness' of their home while still proving kitty with all the creature comforts.

As soon as the weather changes I will be sorting out my crews arrangements and getting things ready for the upcoming cold weather.  The front door foursome will no doubt let me do all the heavy lifting.